Bulk Add Email Account

Easily add multiple email accounts in bulk with Smartlead. Streamline the process and enhance your email management efficiency.

We get it, adding email accounts 1 by 1 can be a pain, especially when you’re coming from another service.

The goal of smartlead is to help you scale your outreach using unlimited email accounts at no extra cost, so it’s only fair that the experience of adding email accounts should be easy.

And so we built email account bulk import, here’s how you can use it to cut down 1 hour to 2 minutes.

1) Open your email accounts

2) Click on “Add Account(s)”

3) Click on the “here” to review the sample CSV which needs to be followed for the upload to work.

Here’s the link again.

4)Once you upload the CSV you’ll get a preview of the CSV and immediate feedback on any invalid details you might have put in

- Setting the warmup number too high
- Missing password etc etc

5) If you have errors you can choose to skip those and just upload the valid ones or reupload

6) Voila, you can see the live status of your email accounts being added

7) Once processed, you’ll get an email with a link to your email accounts upload status, if opened will look like this

You can see the success state, if errors you’ll see why there’s an error.

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