How to copy your GPT4 API Key

Learn the simple steps to obtain your GPT-4 API key. Access the power of GPT-4 for your email campaigns seamlessly with Smartlead.

Here's how you can access your GPT4 API key to use for different aspects of your Smartlead account usage:

1) Head over to your API key management page

2) Create a separate API key just for Smartlead so you can track your usage. *** This step is important.

3) Copy this new secret key and paste it into your Smartlead account and paste it into your GPT4 API key section.

Please keep this in mind:

1) You need to ensure you've copied a valid API key

2) If your API key fails, we will show an error message in this same area for when it fails.

  • It could fail due to pasting the wrong key to begin with

  • It could fail if you've run out of GPT4 allowance or credits

    • You need to message OpenAI to increase your allowance for that situation

If your API key fails, all your requests will default back to Smartlead's GPT3.5 so your AI tracking is never stopped and you have a seamless experience.

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